We are all undergraduates at Cornell University aspiring to be the new leaders of tomorrow.

We are here to provide every student with the help they need in any elementary, middle, or high school course and with college readiness. We all endeared the struggles to get into college, and we have the best tips for acing classes and exams.



Specialty: Math, Physics

"I want to tutor so I can see how students improve academically and learn to love learning."

Adele Smolansky is a freshman at Cornell University studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. She is from Brooklyn, NY and she attended Brooklyn Technical High School as a math major. For four years she worked as a private math tutor for grades K-12 and during her last summer, she tutored for Mathnasium Park Slope. With two younger siblings, she has been around kids her entire life and loves playing fun math games on road trips. Adele loves to bring real life scenarios into every tutoring session by applying concepts students are learning to real world topics.



Head of Client Services 
Specialty: Elementary School, Middle School Tutoring

“I am excited about launching a student-to-student online tutoring platform because it is no longer feasible to help out students in person in my community due to the COVID-19 outbreak.”

Sam is a first year student at Cornell University from Stamford, CT. She is currently studying Global and Public Health Sciences on a pre-health track. At Cornell, she is involved in undergraduate research with the Early Childhood Cognition Lab, serves on the board of a health advocacy student organization, and is an editor for the Cornell Healthcare Review. For the past several years she has worked as a tutor for elementary through high school age students in her community, specializing in math, English, biology, and chemistry. She also loves writing, and would be thrilled to help a student strengthen their college application essays or support students of any age who would like to improve their writing skills!




Specialty: Calculus, Chemistry, Physics

“I want to tutor to help students learn amid this global health crisis.”

Jonathan is a Cornell undergraduate student in the class of 2023. He is from New York City and went to the Bronx High School of Science. Jonathan is currently majoring in chemical engineering and considering a minor in computer science. He is also a part of a project team at Cornell called ChemE Car where he helps design and build a car that runs on sustainable chemical reactions. Jonathan has tutored students since his junior year of high school as a part of the National Honor Society during and after school. In his senior year, Jonathan privately tutored a student outside of school in physics and calculus. As a Cornell Engineer, he is very comfortable to tutor math, physics, and chemistry at any level. Jonathan also enjoys playing badminton and the piano during his free time.




Specialty: English, SAT/ACT

“Unfortunately even the most talented students can fall behind sometimes, and classroom instruction may not be enough. I have a strong desire to give these students the extra help they need to succeed both in and out of the classroom!”

Mark is a freshman at Cornell University from Long Island, NY studying Biometry & Statistics and on the pre-med track. One of his academic passions is laboratory research, which he enjoyed in high school and is pursuing at Cornell. As a high school student Mark succeeded in many AP classes and standardized tests and often helped classmates and friends understand difficult concepts. He is also passionate about writing and helping out with college essays. Mark firmly believes that one-on-one discussion of difficult topics through a student's perspective is the best way to overcome academic challenges. In his free time Mark enjoys skiing, hiking, and watching scary movies.



Specialty: Math, Spanish, French

“I want to be a tutor because I realize that many students are now struggling to adapt to learning from their houses. It is not easy being a student or a teacher during these times and it is with tutors like those from 2020 tutors that students around the US can continue learning effectively during these hard times.”

Isabel Beariault is a freshman at Cornell University studying math. Isabel is from Maryland and is fluent in English, Spanish and French.For the past three years, Isabel tutored high school students in math, chemistry, French and Spanish, as well as privately tutoring a student in SAT math. Having two younger siblings, she also has experience helping younger children with any school related work. At Cornell, Isabel is part of an engineering team called Engineers in Action that builds bridges in rural areas around the world. It is because of this team that she likes to focus on bringing real world examples into her tutoring in order to show children the applications of learning. In her free time, Isabel loves to ski, travel and play the piano.




Specialty: Chemistry, SAT/ACT Math and Science, SHSAT

“I know that having a mentor or tutor for a student to depend upon helps boost their confidence in their skills. As I tutor, I hope to help many students with any questions they may have.”

Harrison is a current freshman at Cornell University. He is studying chemistry on the pre-med track and hopes to become an orthopedic or neurosurgeon. He went to Stuyvesant High School in NYC, and during his high school years he helped found a non-profit called “Color in Milk” and was a mentor for many students. He has also tutored 1st to 5th grade students to help improve their math and English skills in preparation for the NY State Test and served as a curriculum director. At Cornell, he volunteers for YOURS, is involved with Doctors Without Borders, and is part of the pre-healthcare professional fraternity called Alpha Iota Gamma. He received high scores on the SAT, a 35 on the ACT, and perfect scores for the SAT II Math, Biology, and Chemistry. He can help students who want to improve on science, math, chemistry, the SAT, ACT, and SHSAT. He’s your go-to STEM tutor!



Specialty: Algebra, SHSAT

“Sharon wants to tutor online because she not only wants to advocate a productive lifestyle, but also wants to help people succeed during this stressful time.”

Sharon is a freshman at Cornell University studying Policy Analysis and Management, minoring in both business and fashion. Throughout her tutoring experiences, she found a penchant for promoting wellness and assisting people in times of need. She always feels a sense of satisfaction when a student beams from passing a test or a parent expresses gratitude for their child’s improvement. She has been dancing for fifteen years and loves iced lattes! She looks forward to working with you and your child/children.