Our mission at 20/20 Tutors is simple: to provide every student with access to educational support. With the outbreak of COVID-19, many families are struggling to keep their jobs, buy groceries for the family, pay rent, or keep their kids from falling behind in school. We at 20/20 Tutors are here to offer our services at a rate that works for your family! 

Our team members are all undergraduate Cornell University students, and together, we provide online tutoring services for every subject area. We understand it is difficult for parents to both stay on top of their own work and to academically support their kids as much as they would like to, so we offer student-to-student tutoring to help students stay up to date with their coursework and beyond. The COVID-19 outbreak should not get in the way of anyone's education!

We wish everyone the best of health, and we look forward to working with you! 



Over the years, we’ve learned that the best tutors aren’t just highly educated, but they also have the empathy to understand and connect with students. Our tutors forge personal relationships with their students, resulting in students staying engaged and having fun while learning. Our goal is for every student to end a session with a smile on his or her face, and be able to say something new they’ve learned. 

As college students, we can understand first hand why students are struggling in a class because we were in grades K-12 not long ago. Between all the tutors, we've taken every AP exam, state test, and college entrance test. We were able to push past challenges and reach our goals, and now, we want to help others to do the same.




  • General price of $30 per hour 

  • If needed, please request a further price reduction of up to 100% off 

To receive a discount, please fill out a request for a discounted price by clicking Request Discount at the top of our website. We will then send you a coupon within 24 hours of your submission. The coupon is valid for up to two hours of tutoring per week. 

To ensure that we can provide services for every student that needs it, we ask that you pay the general amount, or much as you can, if you are able to do so. 

When the school year comes to an end, we hope that the economic recession that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused will also come to an end. We may therefore re-examine our discount pricing plan in the future to adapt to whatever the new circumstances may be. However, we understand that some families will be affected in the long term more than others, so we will continue to ensure that all students get the help they need. We will still be providing online tutoring services throughout the summer and for the next school year.


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